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Filtermania Limited pride themselves in being one of the largest independent distributors for Baldwin Filters in the country. We are also main distributors for Mann & Hummel, Fleetguard, Schupp, Wix & Sure Filters together with access to Donaldson, Filtrec, Hifi, Mahle, Blueprint, Sakura and many other leading filter manufacturers.

Having the ability to supply our customers with all filters make us an invaluable single source for all your air, oil, fuel, hydraulic, transmission, coolant, pollen, air oil separators & in-line filter requirements.

We supply for many applications in varied markets including the Plant & Construction, Car & Commercial, Truck & Bus, Agriculture, Marine, Forklifts & Materials Handling, Waste Management, Motorcycle & ATV, Small Tools & Engines, Power Generation, Lighting Systems etc.

We were appointed the Baldwin distributorship upon their acquisition of Woodgate Filters in 2001 to cater for the Heavy Duty sector, then succeeded in taking on board Sure Filters not long after to specialize in the growing Far East market. We were then approached by Mann & Hummel in 2004 to expand into the car & light commercial market and since took on Schupp SF of Germany along with healthy links with other top brands in the filtration world including Donaldson.

Remember changing filters regularly will help make the engine perform better, last longer & give better economy which will pay dividends in time.

People generally ask the following question in regards to the colour of the Baldwin Filters and here is the answer:- Why are Baldwin filters red? 

JA Baldwin the founder of Baldwin Filters was a huge fan of Ferrari cars.  JA Baldwin was good friends with Enzo Ferrari (so much so Enzo Ferrari gave JA Baldwin two Ferrari’s which JA kept at the plant in Kearney, USA  in what is now the Test Lab!).  Red being the colour associated with most Ferrari cars is said to be why Baldwin filters are red in colour!

Why are filters and engine oil filters in particular so important to get right – why is it imperative to buy a high quality filter than just a “run of the mill” brand?

Just click on the following links to give you various videos highlighting why it is important to buy quality ahead of price courtesy of YOUTUBE!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKwmk1RYHpk      (Why use Mann & Hummel?)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3PyewZ16iL0&list=PLF3kjEZHJfwdsEvw-q-sWxAitx7WaIR10&index=1       (Why Use Baldwin?)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R09Vc6tkDh0    (How good are Wix Filters?)

We also supply filter kits for your ease please enquire or visit our ebay shop!


I tried every filter company on the web trying to get hold of a 1954 Massey Ferguson MF35 oil filter and everywhere said that it was either obsolete or have a delivery time of up to 8 weeks. Then I stumbled across this website and after speaking to the salesman, not only did they know what I wanted but they had them on the shelf and also their price was nearly 1/2 all the other quotes I had. Highly recommended!!!

Mr P Tetley

Upper Grimley Farm

When you receive service like this then you have to sit up and take notice! I have a “Filter Specialist” literally 2 miles from me, but when you receive the [...]

Peter Ford

I contacted at least a dozen so-called filter specialists regarding an odd-ball filter that I needed and no-one could help. Then Filtermania was highly recommended to me. Upon arrival at the shop Lee whom served me measured my filter and within 5 minutes had worked out what I needed and better still had the filter on the shelf and the price weren't bad too. Won't go anywhere else for my filters in future! High Recommended and a pleasure to deal with!

Mr C Thacker

Brands You Can Rely On!

Donaldson Mann
Wix Varta
Fuchs Millers
Baldwin Sure