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One of FilterMania’s fastest-growing partnerships is with Hifi Filters. Through this collaboration, we gain access to the world’s largest selection of high-quality filtration products with the shortest lead times. Our primary goal is to offer an unparalleled range of products for a wide variety of applications. While off-highway and marine markets are our core focus, we also cater to more diverse sectors such as Automotive, Process, Compressed Air and Vacuum, HVAC, Dust Extraction, Performance Air, Liquids, Machine Tools, Handling, Motorcycles, ATV, Trucks and Buses, Aviation, Spas, Swimming Pools, Jacuzzis, and many more.

Who Are Hifi Filter?

For over 40 years, HIFI FILTER® has been specialising in Filtration and separation solutions for mobile equipment and industrial processes.  As a leading partner to professionals, they develop and distribute over 70,000 products to help them manage the filtration of their vehicles, machines and installations.  Combining the most diversified range of filters and accessories in the world with the performance of services adapted to each need, they bring reactivity, expertise and proximity with the aim of simplifying the world of filtration.

A birth of a concept

Owning dozens of machines of different brands means contacting as many filter suppliers for their maintenance. This observation led Pierre Hirschi, then aged 19 in 1977, to lay the foundations of the HIFI FILTER® concept: to become the single point of contact for companies for their filtration needs. “A single order, a single delivery, a single invoice and above all a single partner!” A philosophy that has dictated our evolution, from the first warehouse in Savagnier, Switzerland, to the international Group of today.

A World of Filters

From agriculture to industrial processes, including public works, transport or metal processing, each of their products meets specific requirements. Engine filtration (air, fuel, oil…), hydraulic filters, industrial filters (dust removal, machine tools, compressed air…), maintenance kits or accessories, for more than 45 years HIFI FILTER® quality has proven itself on millions of equipments worldwide.

Service DNA

At HIFI FILTER® they are committed to the idea of practical, reliable, personalised and local customer service. Being there for you means first of all being responsive by ensuring the availability of their products thanks to their permanent stocks and a solid network of distributors in over 160 countries. It also means offering you the expertise of technical and commercial teams as well as digital solutions based on the power of our data.  All of these resources help you in your day-to-day work and allow you to concentrate on what is essential: your core business.

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