Batteries in Stafford

Automotive Car Batteries

FilterMania Limited have been supplying automotive batteries for over 15 years now. Our preferred brands are VARTA – our premium and recognised world’s number one, amply backed up by the impressive Numax, Exide and Lucas brands, all come with manufacturers warranties of between 12 months and 5 years.

Commercial Batteries

Our Commercial / HGV / Heavy Plant / PSV and Agricultural range of batteries also consist of the VARTA, Numax, Exide and Lucas brands. All come with a 24 month manufacturers warranty.  Also available off our shelf are batteries suitable for ride-on-lawn mowers and other specialist applications.

Motorcycle Batteries

FilterMania through it’s supply chain can also offer you a massive range of Motorcycle batteries to order. From 6v to 12v Dry, to 12v (LF) AGM. The range of motorcycle batteries consist of the frontrunners in this marketplace, namely Exide, Lucas and Numax, and with added access to the VARTA range, we are confident we can find you a battery for most applications.

Leisure and Marine Batteries

As the Numax and Lucas ranges of Leisure batteries is so diverse you can be sure there is a battery for every application.

Our Numax Leisure range has been verified by the NCC (National Caravan Council)

When you choose your leisure battery look for the National Caravan Council Product registered and Verified logo and check the category to be sure you are choosing one suitable for your caravan and motorhomes needs. The NCC have verified the performance of the labelled batteries through performance testing carried out in suitable laboratories to ensure that you can buy with peace of mind.

For Live-a-board boats, we recommend upgrading to the US Battery branded deep cycle batteries to offer an extended life cycle, with higher peak capacity, increased initial capacity, improved energy density and enhanced re-charge ability.

Golf & VRLA Batteries

We also order through our supply channels a comprehensive range of superior quality VRLA batteries used in golfing and alarm applications.
From golf trolleys to golf buggies, from household alarms to children’s electric toys and everything in between, we can provide the best possible solution for your power requirements no matter what your requirements are.
Please note : Lithium batteries are not currently in our range, however please watch this space for future developments with regards to this fast growing product!

Battery Chargers

FilterMania stocks and personally uses for their battery charging requirements the Numax Connect and Forget 12v Chargers. Designed specifically for charging and maintaining your batteries these all in one 12 volt diagnostic chargers boast ‘Deep Discharge Recovery’, ‘Fast Cycle Charge’, and ‘Long Term Battery Maintenance’. When your battery requires charging, simply ‘Connect + Forget’ and you can rely upon NUMAX to make sure your battery is in peak condition next time you need it.

Electric Fencing Kit

“Fit one charge one” is the perfect solution for people who use electric fencing.
Simply use one of the two NUMAX CXT batteries to power your electric fence whilst the other one is connected to the NUMAX “Connect & Forget” charger. When the working battery needs recharging simply swap them over.

The NUMAX CTX batteries contain a vast amount of energy in a very small package. That makes them ideal for carrying to and from the charging station.
What comes with the “Kit”

  • NUMAX “Connect & Forget” Charger – a 3 stage charger that will perform bulk charging (from flat) and also maintenance charging (when charged). Batteries can be left on the charger for one day or a year without causing any damage. Your batteries will always be in optimum condition if and when you need them.
  • NUMAX CXT 12v Batteries x2 – a pair of 12v fully sealed, premium quality batteries. Re-inforced handles, “Magic Eye” state of charge indicator and 100% maintenance free, no risk of acid spillage.

Brands you can rely on

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