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Today’s Agricultural, HGV, Marine and Construction equipment have unique requirements, particularly the need for greater filtration capability. We have in stock the leading heavy-duty filter brands offering proven technology to protect your investment where it matters most. With the many air, fuel, oil and coolant filter choices on the market in the UK today, it is more important than ever to select a brand you can depend on to maintain your vehicles and equipment to the highest standards of performance and protection.

With world class brands like Donaldson, Mann, Hifi, Schupp, Sure, UFI and Wix to name a few, you are guaranteed reliable performance and maximum protection for the life of your engines and equipment.  We stock an extensive range of heavy duty filters – including air dryers, fuel/water separators, hydraulic filters and much more for all makes of heavy and medium duty lorries, buses, construction equipment – so chances are we will have your filter when you need it. All our filters and filter kits here at Filtermania are manufactured to the highest specifications in order to meet the demands and needs of the modern engine. Therefore you can be sure that our filters are up to the OE standards that you would expect!

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Air Filters

The air filter is most vital in keeping the contamination out of the intake system. It prevents contaminated air to be mixed with the fuel before entering the combustion chamber. A dirty or damaged air filter will limit the amount of air flowing into your equipments engine, making it work harder and therefore using more fuel, thus changing the air filter regularly will help reduce fuel consumption and save money in the long term.

Another reason for the regular changing of an air filter is to reduce the emissions which in turn will protect the environment.  As the air flow gets reduced due to a blocked or damaged air filter it changes the air-fuel balance which has a direct impact on your exhausts emissions, contributing to the pollution of the surrounding environment.

Finally by changing the air filter regularly can help prolong the engine life.  A particle as small as a grain of salt can get through a blocked/damaged air filter and do a lot of damage to internal engine parts, such as cylinders and pistons, which can be very expensive to repair. That’s why regularly replacing your air filter is so important. A clean air filter is designed to capture dirt and debris from the outside air, preventing them from reaching the combustion chamber and reducing the likelihood of you receiving a large repair bill.

All types and styles of air filters plus its housing and spares are available from us for a wide range of applications.

Off-Highway Air Filters

Oil Filters

The oil or lube filter as it is often referred to, cleans the oil that flows through the engine, thus reducing premature wear and tear in all frictional parts. The filters we offer give optimum filtration by providing high efficiency and specific bypass valve measurements.  Clean oil provides good sealing between the piston and the cylinder for maximum fuel economy.

Whether you require spin on Cannisters or internal paper cartridge elements, we can supply!

Oil Filters

Fuel Filters

The fuel filter makes up the other component in keeping the intake system clean. Clean fuel will prolong the life span of the injector and maintain higher fuel efficiency.

Universal Fuel Filter Primer heads are also available from us, if the need for additional or alternative filtration is required.

Fuel Filters

Fuel Water Separators

The fuel water separators primary function is to remove water contamination to ensure clean fuel is delivered to the engine. Fuel/Water separators provide effective protection for engines used in off-highway, industrial, automotive and marine applications.

Plastic and Metal drain plug versions are available to cover health and safety regulations for each particular industry and compatible glass bowls are also available.

Fuel Separator Filters

Hydraulic Filters

The Hydraulic filter provides protection and prolong the life span of the hydraulic system by keeping it clean. Without the correct or timely change of a hydraulic filter, contaminated particles can cause damage to hydraulic system components. The performance of every hydraulic filter is measured by its contamination removal efficiency, i.e.: high dirt-holding capacities.

We at Filtermania, not only supply the main return hydraulic filter, but also the accompanying pilot and drain filters and in certain instances Nephron and Suction.

Hydraulic Filters

Coolant Filters

The coolant or water filter is designed to protect the cooling system and enhance the durability against corrosion. Most of our coolant filters has internal controlled release coolant pellets that actively help reduce the heat in the system.

Coolant Filter

Air/Oil Separator Filters

Predominantly on Compressor-type applications, these are a solution for decreasing the oil consumption in the compressor air system, and to lower the pressure drop in order to take full advantage of the long service life.


Air Separator

Pollen Filters

Pollen or Cabin filters keeps the air that flows into the cabin clean. Used in both automotive and off-highway applications is filters out any pollen or dirt that flows into the cabin or car.  This is not only great to keep the air clean for any passengers inside the car, but it will also keep the system clean.

Pollen Filter

HVAC Filtration

HVAC air filters are used in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to improve air quality by removing unwanted particles from the air. HVAC air filters usually consist of a frame of plastic, cardboard or metal covered by a fibrous material.

Even though Filtermania do not stock these filters, our large supplier chain enables us to be able to source and supply if required.

HVAC Filters

Compressed Air and Process Filtration

When it comes to Compressed Air & Process filters, including Gas and Fume, Donaldson Filters are one of the World’s leading brands, this is why we partner with them!

  • OILS & GAS


Brands Stocked

We are honoured to be recognised as leading authorised distributors and stockists for Donaldson, FIL, Hifi, Mann, Vapormatic & Wix, however to be able to offer a complete service and to cater for all sectors, we stock or can gain access to the following recognisable brands including :- Baldwin, CoopersFiaam, Filtrec, Fleetguard, FG Wilson, Fuel Manager, Hifi, Mahle, Parker, Perkins, Racor, Schupp, Stanadyne, Sure and many more..


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