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In order for FilterMania to become a one-stop shop for all your serviceable parts requirements, we offer a comprehensive range of quality branded oils and grease.

Our preferred brand for oils and lubricants is Millers Oils.  Millers Oils based in Brighouse, West Yorkshire has been a leading manufacturer and independent blender of oils and lubricants since 1887.

With its many awards against their name, accreditations and OE approvals from the likes of Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Man, VW and Volvo to name a few, you can be sure that Millers quality is up thewir with the best!

Millers comprehensive range covers Automotive, Commercial, Agri-Plant, Off-Highway, Industrial, Motorsport, Classic and many more.

So whether you require top quality oils for your engine, hydraulics, transmission, gearbox, coolant system or high performance grease and fuel treatments, Millers have it covered!

To compliment our Millers Oils range, we also offer the Fuchs range of greases and their award winning Reiner Grease Gun (see serviceable parts section for more information).

All of Fuch’s grease cartridges are suitable to work with their Reiner Guns.  All are 500g and come with a screw fitment.


Duraplex EP 2


Colour:- Brown

Temp Range: -30oC to +160oC

Description: Our entry range grease, that is a high temperature multi-purpose grease ideal for a large range of applications including plant, agriculture, truck etc.  Suitable for high loads and wet conditions.

Duraplex EP 2

Renolit Blue LX 2


Colour:- Blue

Temp Range: -30oC to +160oC

Description: A high temperature specialist grease ideal for highly stressed construction machinery bearings & pivot point.

Renolit Blue LX 2

Renolit LX PEP 2


Colour:- Green

Temp Range: -30oC to +150oC

Description: Our recommended grease if you are looking for the best! A long life lithium complex soap, with a tacky compound.  Especially suitable for wheel bearings and pivot points, even in wet conditions.  Perfect for plant and agricultural machines that work in tough conditions and even entry level breakers.

Renolit LX-PEP 2



Colour:- Black

Temp Range: -20oC to +1100oC

Description: An aluminium complex soap specifically designed for hammers, which require an extreme high temperature range.  Can cope with hammer weights of up to 6000kg.  Suitable for use under water.

As Fuch’s only really target their grease to compliment their own Reiner Guns, we also have the Millers Deltaplex Red Grease in our range that is suitable for the standard side lever guns that take the smaller push in 400g cartridges.

Graphite Grease

Millers Deltaplex


Colour:- Red

Temp Range: -20oC to +150oC

Description: The classic high specification lithium complex soap grease with tacky compound characteristics for longevity, perfect for use in high temperature environments.  The nation’s favourite agri-plant grease for wheel bearings and pivot points.  Highly resistant to water as well!

Deltaplex 2EP

Reiner Grease Gun

  • Ergonomic Grips
  • Protective cap to prevent contamination of the hose end
  • Complete discharge through special piston shape
  • Maximum obtainable pressure of 5800 psi / 400 bar
  • Twin-lock system avoids a pseudo supply of the point of lubrication by preventing grease from escaping at the piston and a backflow into the cartridge
  • Takes the larger 500g Grease cartridges – See Oils and Grease Section – Fuchs Grease.

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