Filtrec S.p.A

In late 2021, the well respected and world reknown Italian Hydraulics brand – Filtrec S.p.A approached FilterMania Limited to become a stockist for their brand of quality Hydraulic Filters for many applications from the off-highway to Industrial and everything inbetween.

With over 85 countries served, 756 direct customers, 35 branches and distributors and over 100,000 parts crossed – Filtrec are a mainstay in the world of Hydraulic Filtration development.


Millions of filters working worldwide on the field daily witness the high performance level of our products. We are proud of our manufacturing capability and we identify each product with its Country of origin.


A consolidated mix of knowledge, know-how and kindness feeds our team to daily grow alongside the market requirements and to look forward to a sustainable future.


R&D plays a key role in our organization and is supported by a fully equipped lab with the test rigs required to meet the latest international specifications. The department is run by a team of experienced and enthusiastic engineers who are also active members of the ISO filtration committee.

Its main focus is developing and testing new ideas to always remain a step ahead with our media and filter performance, allowing us to convert our customers’ requirements into innovative solutions.


Their experience started in 1991 with the design and manufacture of filtration products.  With state-of-the-art custom production facilities and a continuous benchmark activity versus main competitors, Filtrec’s manufacturing capabilities are always on the cutting edge.

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