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The brand name ‘Lucas’ is synonymous with quality and excellence; from automotive through to aerospace and now with its new range of batteries it meets all of the needs of today’s stored energy requirements.

Lucas is a big, well trusted brand that’s been growing its business for 140 years. It doesn’t rest on its heritage – it builds on it. And it’s still growing. That’s why it’s the longest continuously trading auto part brand in the world. 

Lucas Batteries are avalable through FilterMania. The consistent demand for exceptional quality products, value for money and short lead times has resulted in a product range that is always being developed and improved. Whilst traditionally well known for automotive batteries, Lucas have branched out and now offer a range of solutions for forklift trucks, cleaning machines and airside industries. At FilterMania we can offer support and advice to our customers to ensure they purchase the correct battery to fulfil their requirements. 

Today, the Lucas battery range covers multiple sectors including car, commercial vehicle, motorcycle, leisure, marine, golf, fire and security and mobility. The range also covers more specialist industrial batteries. 

The Lucas range consists of the following batteries:

  • Classic
  • Premium
  • Supreme
  • Fusion
  • Premium CV
  • Leisure & Marine
  • Dual Purpose Marine/Leisure XV Supreme
  • Motosport and Motorcycle
  • Golf AGM
  • Mobility
  • Industrial Traction XC
  • VRLA

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